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1.Wig Care
  • Step 1: Brush the wig completely.


    Step 2: Add wig shampoo to wash basin and fill with cold water.


    Step 3: Let soak for 5 minutes.


    Step 4: Swish the wig gently.


    Step 5: Rinse gently in cold clear water twice or until thoroughly rinsed


    Step 6: Apply generous amount of wig conditioner and gently work through hairwith fingertips


    Step 7: Rinse thoroughly with cold water


    Step 8: Drain and blot gently with towel DO NOT SQUEEZE or WRING


    Step 9: Allow to air dry on a wire wig stand or a slender object like a can ofhair spray DO NOT USE


    Step 10: Brush wig only when completely dry (remember: one direction)

    To remove cold set,spray water generously on the affected area and wait for a few moments. Brushgently to remove cold set and let wig completely dry. For human hair wigs follow above instruction or use hot roller or iron at low to medium heat setting. Excessive cold set problems can occur to human hair. This will help you to bring out the original beauty of a wig.

    For human hair wigs,curling iron or rollers at low to medium heat may be used along with a setting lotion. Due to excessive combing and/or rubbing on clothing, tips of hair tend to tangle. Start brushing tips of hair first taking longer lengths of hair with each stroke to untangle. Spray curling gel and wrap with curling paper before putting on rollers to restore the original curls.

    Do not apply hairspray on displayed wigs. Use fingers or picks to lift and shape curls. Use tall mannequin or increase the height of the mannequin so that ends of long hair donot rest on shelf. Do not use brush or comb nor shake special curl wigs to bring out curls. Most wigs do not need extra styling when taken out of package.Simply give a light shake and touch up with finger, this will bring out the salon perfect style as is shown in our Website.

    Allow adequate storage space for wigs to maximize your customers’ satisfaction and your profit. Do not force a wig into small space. Never remove protective packaging materials to save space, or store in a high humidity or hot space. Avoid stacking wigs high. Such storage may cause serious cold set damages. Once taken out of packaging, restore curls and fold wig as when it first came out of package before putting it back into package for storage.


    *WEFTS - Stands of hair fibers are sewn together at one end to make a curtain ofhair.
    These wefts are sewn onto the cap to simulate natural hair.


    *FULL CAPLESS - More than 90% of the cap is open, for the ultimate comfort inwearing.


    *CAPLESS- 20% - 75% of the cap is open, which makes the cap lighter, cooler, and more elastic for a comfortable fit.

    *CAP - The base or skeleton that gives the wig its shape and a base to attachhair to. Depending on the openness of the cap, a wig is called a cap.

    * REGULAR CAP - There are no open areas in the cap material.


    Here are 3 simple steps tomeasure your head correctly:

    Before you measure your head, make sure to flatten your hair, use a cloth tapemeasure and do not pull the tape measure, just rest it over or around your head.

    1. Measure around your head atthe hairline. The "around your head" size of every wig can be adjusted up to 1" larger or smaller to ensure a secure fit. The tape should be just above the ear and along your natural hairline.

    2. Measure your head from the nape over the crown to the top of your forehead where your natural hairline is.

    3.Measure your head from the top of one ear, across the top of the head (crown)and to the top of the other ear.

    With the 3 measurements listed above, you will have thecircumference, the depth and width of your wig cap.

    Choose the correct size from chart below:

  • Four (4) simple steps to put it on wig:

    Step1: Secure your own hair by pinning or using a Wig Cap or Liner.

    Step 2: Spray your new wig with wig care solution.

    Step 3: Remove the hair net and hold wig at the front hairline andgently shake to separate the fibers.

    Step 4: Hold your wig by its sides and slip it over your head. Adjust until the wig looks like your own hairline at the front. The sides will be aclose fit and the entire head shape will look natural. Each wig can be adjusted for your particular head size.

2.Glossary of Wig Terms
  • It is what it says: 100% natural human hair. This wig is cared and styled for like regular human hair.               

  • Synthetic Hair is different with every company but is generally the same. They are made to match closely to the texture and consistency of human hair.

  • A half-cap or 3/4-cap wig that attacheswith a hard or soft head band at the front. You can wear your own bangs slicked back underneath the headband or worn styled on the outside.

  • A cap that covers most of the head except for the front hairline. You can use your own hair to blend up and over the fall.

  • More than 90% of the cap is open to fully cover the head. When most people think of a wig, this is the type they are thinking of. It is ultimately comfortable in wearing.

  • Provides shape and a base for the hairor fiber to be attached.

  • A Skin Top cap is designed with acolored base to give the illusion of your own scalp directly under thewig. This is useful with hair styles that expose the scalp such as parts.

  • A wig cap that replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today's wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. This cap is also available in styles with a monofilament top - depending on the wig's style requirements.


  • A Standard Weft is the basic cap stylefor wigs. It involves hair stitched into a string mesh. A Standard Weft is generally the simplest cap type and therefore the least expensive.

  • Be similar to a banana comb except that it has no teeth.

  • Also called a butterfly clip it has two "jaws" on a spring. Just like the Binary clips which also have two separate pieces. The "jaws" are round and interlock when closed. This type of clip is very easy to put on and take off, convenient and comfortable.

  • Binary clips are two separate pieces of hair each with its own comb that interlock with each other.

  • An outlined adjustable comb clip assembled with a very strong curved link and a clip that snaps together at thetop.

  • A wig cap that replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today's wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter more secure fit.

  • Monofilament is a process of manually knotting individual hair fibers onto the cap for a more natural look. This is usually done on parted areas and on the edge of the cap in order to hide capmaterial when the hair is pulled back. Monofilament is a single-stranded polymer fiber produced in large quantities for a variety of industries. It is made by dozens of manufacturers with many different types of polymers.

  • A ponytail like hairpiece with two combs that attach to a bun in the back of the head and are secured by pulling on an elastic string.

  • The cuticle is the outer layer of thehair follicle. Hair has three layers: a cuticle, a cortex, and a medulla.

3.Wigs FAQs

    In appearance synthetic wigs are indistinguishable from human hair. However, synthetic wigs are excellent in quality and lower inprice. In general, the monofilament fiber "hair" used to make synthetic wigs has "memory", which means it maintains its wave or curl, texture and volume, requiring minimal upkeep. Synthetic wigs, however,are not designed to accept a permanent wave or “hair” dye, and can be easily damaged by the use of curling irons, blow dryers or hot rollers.


    One of the keys to successfully wearing a wig is having it professionally styled on your head to suit your own features.Generally speaking, the wigs come with extra 10% to 30% of hair because all wigs can benefit from fine-tuning by a professional stylist.



    Certainly, you can. However, some cautious things you should remember. Never open the oven while wearing a synthetic wig! The sudden burst of heat will ruin your wigs, especially when the hot steam from a boiling pot of water can also cause irreparable damage. So swap your wig for a stylish scarf or a comfy cap.



    Styling is very easy with either your fingertips or wig brush. With towel lay your wig on a flat surface to drynaturally. Our wigs are so designed that ease of handling and styling is one oftheir most important features. Height can be achieved by gently lifting with the brush. Your wig can be styled closer to the head for a flatter look. If added fullness is required, back comb gently then smooth the surface hair overthe backcombing. To return your wig to its basic style simply brush thoroughly,clean and allow to air dry.


    Generally, synthetic hair wigs can last over 1 year if you don’t wear wigs every day and take good care. Lace front wigs can last longer, as the hairs were all needled to lace by hand. Of course, 100% human hair wigs can goover 3 years. In a word, the more attention you pay, the longer time the wiglasts!



    We would suggest you wash it once every 10 to 14 days if worn daily for 10 to 12 hour a day. However, there are factors that could change this, depending on the individual wearer, the type of styling products used or the environment in which the wig or hairpiece is worn. You,personally, will be the judge of when it needs to be cleaned.



    If your wig is not in stock and for some reason we cannot order it, we will notify you and give you other options to choose from, or you can cancel your order.You can provide other of your favorite wig style pictures, and after confirmation, we will reply you as soon as possible.


4.New Customer Guidance

    First of all, you must first log in if you want to buy an item.


    Second, If you have already registered with us, then you can log in and enter your email address and password to click "Sign in & Checkout" button.


    Last but not least, If you haven't registered, click "Create my account" on the top of your right and complete the simple application, and then click "Register & Checkout" button.



    If you unfortunately forget your password, please don't worry. It's easy to reset it if you follow our steps. At first, on our sign in page, you can enter your completed registration Email address. Then you will receive an email sent by our system automatically ASAP,which will help you reset your own password.


  • If you want to change the information, you can log in your Wigsbuy’s account and change your email address on this page.

5.Order Making

    As a rule, once the order has been made,the detailed information (the size, the color, the material, etc.) of the item is not allowed to change anymore.


    As for the order status and shipping information of your package, you can refer to "My Account" in our website. When you click the "View Detail" button, there is a column called Order Tracking, where you can view all the detailed information about your order.


    Avariety of fashion wigs are at your side on our website. There are three ways for you to find your preferential items:


    First, you can search your favorite items with key words or click the certain category to seek for your favorite products.


    Second,in every list of our products, there are also "Advanced Search"button, which can make you easy and quick to find the free shipping and/or wholesale products.


    Third, you can shop according to Best Selling, New Arrival or Price (from high to low or low to high).



    Here are some instructions to help you place an order:


    1- Register on Wigsbuy.com for free.


    2- Login your Wigsbuy.com account.


    3- Search or browse products according to styles or price or whatever ways you like. Click” Add to cart” if you find your favorite ones! One piece at least! Of course, if you change your mind, you can adjust or replace your items at once! While you are looking at other items, the products in your shopping cart are saved there. Your items are saved even if you log out or accidentally close your browser.


    4- If you want to know the total price of the products you have purchased, you can click "Estimate shipping Costs" on the shopping cart page.


    5- "Address book" is on the first checkout page, here you can edit your billing address or change shipping address to a different drop ship address.


    6- You can refer to the checkout page for choosing shipping method and payment method you prefer.


    After receiving your payment, we will begin to prepare your items at once. Tracking number and tracking links will be sent to your registered email address after your items' sent out.



    We promise your 100% Guaranteed Qualityand Service as well as affordable price. In the past of the year, we are following the strict standards of professionalism, experience and credibility. Customers' satisfaction is our pursuit and we will always try our best to give you the best product and service. If you have any suggestions or some problems,please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.



    Product reviews system, a part of the Wigsbuy.com feedback system, enables you to submit reviews for any products you purchased on Wigsbuy.com and helps other buyers make purchase decisions. The following guidelines on how to create reviews and use this feedback system (Note: These reviews are products-based.).


    Step 1:

    Sign into your Wigsbuy.com account and visit "My Account".

    (Note:You must have completed the purchase of the products before creating a review on it.)


    Step 2:

    Clickthe "My Review" button in the My Account section, and then you will see a list of items awaiting your reviews.


    Step 3:

    Choose the item you want to review by pressing the "Write a Review" button on the "My Reviews" page. Rate on a 5-star scale for the item and enter your comment in the box provided.


    Step 4:

    Preview your review and press the "Submit Review" button.


  • As for the order status and shipping information of your package, you can refer to "My Account" in our website. When you click the"View Detail" button, there is a column called Order Tracking, where you can view all the detailed information about your order.               


    There are four key factors that will decide when you receive your items.


    1) Shipping Method: Delivery time varies with shipping method. For example: usually,DHL takes 2-4 business days while EMS takes 3-8 business days.


    2) Time in transit varies depending on where you're located and where your package is coming from.


    3) Item Processing Time: There are different processing times for differentitems. Average processing time is 3 to 15 working days; however, we will tryour best to prepare the item ASAP after you place an order on our website


    4) Some unavoidable reasons: We will ship out the item according to your requests, but we can’t assure you exactly how many days you can receive this item. There are many factors that may cause the delay of your item, e.g. bad weather conditions, strikes as well as war, etc.
    But we will ship it out before the shipping deadline, and try our best to negotiate with the related shipping company and ask them to take your case aspriority.


6.Preferential Policies

    Wigsbuy.com coupon codes have a face value which will be deducted at time of redemption. It can be applied to order on Wigsbuy.com.



    There are several ways for you to get a coupon!


    A. You can get a Wigsbuy.com coupon code outside of Wigsbuy.com Website (e.g. from any of our promotional websites, and advertisement, etc.)


    B. All the new registered buyers on Wigsbuy.com will get a coupon code


    C. You can get a coupon code after you pay for an item in ourwebsite

    D. Rate wigsbuy on below link and send the screenshot to reviews@wigsbuy.com to get $10 coupon. 


    If you are not in rush, you can choose standard shipping which is much cheaper than express shipping. International shipping is expensive. Therefore, we suggest our customers to buy all things you need in same order to minimize shipping fees. Compared with express shipping,standard shipping is a relatively economical choice.


    The tracking information normally appears after 2-3 business days. If no tracking information updated for a longtime,please contact us as soon as possible, and we will contact the shipping company for you. You may also contact the shipping company by yourself.


    At first, you should correctly sign in with the same email address and password as when you make the order. Then click the "My Account" button, and you can view whether your items have been shipped or not.


    We are sorry to inform you that we do not take cash on delivery. We are not able to take the transaction in which goods are paid in full cash or checked immediately they get to the destination. We genuinely appreciate your purchase from Tidebuy.com, and will try our best to provide as many payment choices as possible such as PayPal, offline payment service of Western Union or banktransfer. Thank you for your understanding and support.


9.Refund Policy
  • It is our pleasure to serve you! As for us, your satisfaction is our utmost goal. We will do our best to achieve your expectation. If for any reason you are unhappy with your item, don’t worry, wewill gladly deal with it till you are happy. For the quality problem (e.g.different from what we described), please upload some persuasive pictures or videos to service@tidebuy.com and contact with our customer service in time. Once it is verified, you can send the item back to us, and then we will give you a full refund of the item.

    However, there are certain limitations as follow:

    ·    Do not unpack or try on the product, keep it in the original manufacturer condition. Due to the sensitive nature of our products and the principle of our company, we are not allowed to resell hairpieces which have been worn, tried on or handled in the point view of health and hygiene.


    ·     All returns must be shipped back within 7 days after receiving the wig.


    ·     Refunds will be applied back to your original method of payment.


    ·     Returned wigs must be unworn, unaltered, undamaged, not combed out and unwashed.


    ·     Return shipping charges are to be paid by customer.


    ·     Any promotional items included originally with the product must also be returned. If promotional items are not returnedretail costs of these items will beincurred.


    Note: The color may be slightly different as thepicture, since the different web browser and monitors.


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